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Direct, Indirect and International Taxation

The Judicio Legalia is one of the leading law firm in India. The taxation team comprises of qualified Advocates advising its clients on Direct/Indirect Taxation,  International Taxation, Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements, Transfer Pricing and other litigations in tax matters.

Our Taxation experts deal with the following in Taxation field:

Direct Taxes:

  1. International Taxation – Double Taxation avoidance, Inbound Investments, Planning of IPR, etc.

  2. Expatriate Taxation – Understanding the Indian Tax System, Consultancy before or after arrival in India, Consultancy when you are leaving India, other matters requiring consideration, etc.

  3. Corporate Taxation – ICDS Compliance, protection under Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement, Taxation under Start-up’s, Filing Return, etc.

  4. Transfer Pricing – Consultancy with regards to Applicability & Regulation compliances, TP Study report, TP Appeals, etc.

Indirect Taxes:

  1. Customs – FEMA, Import Compliances, Exemptions, Custom Valuation, etc.

  2. Service Tax – Consultancy regarding Applicability, registration, periodical compliances, Preventive Matters, etc.

  3. Value Added Tax (VAT) & CST – Opinion on applicability, registration, periodical compliances, Annual Assessment, Audit, etc.

  4. Excise – Applicability, registration, periodical compliances, Legal compliances, Audit, etc.

  5. Goods and Services Tax (GST) – Impact Analysis of GST, Due Diligence, Sector Specific Structuring, etc.

International Trade and Measures:

  1. Anti-Dumping

  2. Countervailing

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