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Alternate Dispute Resolution

The reputed Firm in India to have an exhaustive practice across all areas of dispute resolutions consisting of Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation starting from traditional litigation between individuals, estates and property, corporate litigation, regulatory practice, constitutional law, white collar crimes and competition law.
Our Dispute Resolution Practices, being one of the largest in India, with over three decades of experience, helping our clients effectively manage their businesses through strategic risk management advice and mitigating risk at the outset. 
We represent multinational & domestic corporations, Governments & government institutions (International & National), several large international & domestic clients for their corporate, commercial, insurance, intellectual property & dispute resolution requirements.
The team represents individuals as well as companies in the biggest graft prosecutions in India and is capable of handling white-collar prosecutions which are on a rise. The Firm provides dedicated advisory and represents clients in high-stake commercial/corporate and civil disputes, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and international commercial and domestic arbitrations.
The Firm has been at the front-runner of major legal developments in India.

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