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Civil Litigation

Proven Success

We provide comprehensive legal services to our clients under litigation of civil laws, Law related to Transfer of Property, Will, Estate, Succession, law of Recovery including money recovery, recovery of possession, suits related to children, wards, guardian ships, letter of administration, estate, Joint property, tenancy, joint tenancy, fixation of rent, eviction procedure, probate, , custody, execution, claims, injunctions, rendition of accounts, damages, partitions etc. before any courts, Tribunals, Commissions, Boards and other Judicial or Quasi-Judicial Authorities. These services include advising, drafting of pleading and appearing in the courts, filing appeals, revisions, writs, SLPs. Etc.

Under this chapter we provide following legal services to our clients, namely:

  • Suit for recovery of money, estate, property (Movable or immovable), debts, dues, actionable claims, damages, rendition of accounts etc.

  • Suit for specific performances of contacts or agreements;

  • Suit for partition of immovable properties;

  • Suit for permanent/mandatory/temporary injunctions;

  • Suit for eviction & Possession;

  • Suit for declaration;

  • Petition under Guardian and Wards Act, for custody of minor.

  • Application for obtaining probate/letter of administration / succession certificate;

  • Suits under Hindu succession and Indian Succession Act;

  • Suit for declaration as lawful guardian/custodian of minor;

  • Petitions related to election disputes;

  • Petitions for Accident Claims before MACT

  • Writs petitions before High Courts and Supreme Courts;

  • Revision, Review, Appeal, Special leave to Appeal etc. before the Supreme Court;

  • Eviction petition by land lords for the tenanted premises.

  • Protection of tenants from forceful and illegal eviction etc.

Civil Litigation: Practices
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